Our support for and involvement in key partnerships and networks has increased to be flexible and responsive to our changing external environment. We represent the sector on the: Health and Wellbeing Board; Safer Neighbourhood Board; Bromley Economic Partnership; Borough Officers, Strategic Partnership Forum and South London CVS Partnership.  

We also support specific initiatives for example, the Chief Executive is the Chair of the Bromley Third Sector Enterprise (BTSE).

We continue to facilitate and support the Voluntary Sector Strategic Network (VSSN) which is responsible for leading on health and social care issues.  We have also facilitated a number of theme based networks including the Open Space on Diversity, a network that brings together organisations and individuals working with marginalised communities. We also currently support the Bromley Mobility Forum.

Finally, we have recently started a new project - 'Bromley Community Voices' - funded by Trust for London. This is led by Leah Whittingham and in coming months, we will be holding seminars focused on community priorities.