Community Links Bromley has been awarded funding from Trust for London to develop a campaigning and advocacy project for the voluntary sector in Bromley.  The project is called Bromley Community Voices.

The initial starting point for the project was the acknowledgement that as the Public Sector moves into a commissioning approach, it is increasing vital for the voluntary sector to be able to demonstrate the impact of their work, as well as advocate for the needs of their communities and individual clients

The project has a wide-ranging approach and is developing a community research programme and a campaigning programme with the aim of impacting on local policy in the borough.  We are starting the project with a series of issue-based seminars with the aim of:

  • Raising the profile of social issues in the borough,
  • Supporting open discussions where we can learn from peers
  • Ensuring that work of local organisations is recognised

Alongside these events we will be running capacity training programmes, 1:1 support for individuals and organisations to develop their campaigning skills and a communications strategy to support the sector in raising relevant issues to decision makers and the Bromley community more generally. 


If you’d like to find out more, please contact Leah Whittingham: 



Hidden Homelessness Seminar

25th November 2016

The seminar was held as an open forum to address the problems of the Hidden Homeless in the Borough of Bromley and to encourage voluntary and community organisations in Bromley to share their experience and knowledge.  

The seminar looked at key, shared areas of focus, the impact of national and local strategies and how best to work in partnership to face current and future challenges 

The seminar was chaired by Janet Tibbalds (chair of Community Links Bromley) and the panel consisted of:

  • Louise Barnden, Director of Penge Churches Housing Association.
  • Mark Ellison, Deputy CEO of Age UK Bromley & Greenwich)
  • Sabrina Pathan, Homelesslink
  • Shelly Carter, Depaul’s Assistant Director for Services (London/SE) 
  • Ed Tree, Homelessness Shelter Bromley 
  • Kellie Murphy, St Mungos: Regional Director, South & East London and South England
  • Philip Dodd, Head of Allocations and Accommodation for the London Borough of Bromley

Download the seminar report here:


 Welfare Benefits: The Challenge of Universal Credit

Thursday 8th December 2016 

Seminar aims:

  • To understand the impact of the roll-out of Universal Credit and its effect on individuals & households in Bromley
  • Share ideas on how voluntary sector organisations in Bromley can be most effectively supported to overcome the challenges presented by the UC system
  • Clarify how the Community Voices Project can support organisations to:
    •    Raise issues and share best practice
    •    Identify and co-ordinate any relevant training

 The seminar was chaired by Janet Tibbalds, chair of Community Links Bromley and the Panel consisted of:

  • Josephine Tucker: Senior Policy and Research Officer, Child Poverty Action Group
  • Rosalind Kent: Carers Support Adviser, Bromley Carers  
  • Kam Patel: Partnership Support Manager, DWP
  • Theresa Kolo:  Bromley JobCentre Plus


Downloadable seminar resources from DWP:

Access to DWP Services Sept 2015

Advocacy Tool Kit

Beginning of report

Claimant Commitment 2015 completed example

Dla ending leaflet dla pip 2016

DWP Partnership News November 2016

DWP Visiting Service 2016

Partner Referral Form June 2015

Referrals to DWP Desk Aid Dec 2014

Universal Credit Identity verification and standards of evidence Oct 2016


Downloadable seminar resources from Child Poverty Action Group: 

CPAG Scot EWS quarterly report July-Sept 2016

Follow up notes from CPAG on Universal Credit