The Voluntary Sector Strategic Network (VSSN) was formed in 2006. It has a primary focus on Health and Social Care in London Borough of Bromley. The current Terms of Reference set out the following purpose and membership.

1)    Provide a mechanism for effective voluntary sector representation at strategic level. This will include responsibility for reporting back to the VSSN.

2)    Provide an opportunity for consultation and joint action on issues of relevance to voluntary organisations working in the borough.

3)    Support the work of the voluntary sector by offering an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, sharing of information, practical co-operation, etc.

4)    Membership is only open to voluntary sector organisations. The organisations which may be members of the VSSN are:

  1. a.    Any network which has adopted a constitution and whose membership is principally other voluntary sector agencies
  2. b.    Any organisation able to demonstrate that it undertakes a representative role or has specific expertise otherwise lacking in the membership

5)    Other organisations may be invited to join as Associate Members, following a decision of VSSN, where their membership can bring specific expertise otherwise lacking in the membership and will contribute to the work of VSSN.

6)    Membership should reflect as far as is possible the different interests and concerns of the sector and communities as they relate to health and social care.

The current Chair is Lynn Sellwood, for further information about the VSSN please contact Sue Lee or 020 8315 1902.

Further information is provided here: