State of the Sector Survey 2021/2022

State of the Sector Survey 2021-2022Tell us how you've been doing through our bi-annual State of the sector survey.

This is your chance to share your experiences and help us influence key decision makers on your behalf.

Each response to this survey will form the basis of an in-depth report to be published early next year and will help us to understand your experiences, your challenges and opportunities for organisations working to transform the lives of people in the Bromley as we regroup from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The survey takes about 10 minutes and you can respond here:


Here are four reasons why your response matters:

  1. To gauge the health of the voluntary sector working in Bromley
  2. To collect the robust evidence we need to influence for change
  3. To highlight and shine a light on inequalities and difference within the sector
  4. To celebrate the work we do

The Covid-19 pandemic has been transformative for us all. We have had countless conversations with members throughout the pandemic on how they have adapted their services, worked to address new challenges faced by service users and sought support and flexibility from grant managers. Though we did not run a state of the sector survey in 2020, we focused our research efforts on understanding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic culminating on two reports we published last year.

The material and environment within which voluntary organisations are currently working is incredibly tough and we expect this research to raise many areas of continued challenge and concern. This research however also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the successes organisations have had. The state of the sector 2019 survey showed the sector’s commitment to reach ever more people in the face of challenging environments. The more voices we have contributing to this research, the more there is to celebrate.

We look forward to reading your responses.

Please contact Steve Smith, Funding and Development Officer, for any questions about the survey or accessibility requirements.

Contact Steve at or call 0208 315 1919.