Policy Influence and System Change workshop

Tuesday 25 May 2021
10:00 to 12:00

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So, why would you want to be interested in policy influence and system change?

Many voluntary and community sector organisations I have spoken with since coming into office have spoken of the way some health policy and some health commissioning does not meet the needs of your users lived experience. There is a case then for seeing how we can better influence these processes not purely for the sake of greater democratisation but to co-design and co-produce services that better meet our user’s needs.

‘The VCS provides a voice for individuals and communities that may not have representation and carry a great responsibility to campaign for their best interests. One of the most powerful ways a charity can effect change is to influence and inform policy. In the process you are positioning yourselves as thought leaders, your visibility is strong and your brand clear. Funders and other influencers are more likely to reach for you when thinking through policy priorities and of course you have developed the know-like-and-trust factor for funders when considering your funding application.’ (First Principles)

In our next social value workshop which will now take place on 25th May, 10am to 12pm, we will look at

  • Mapping policy-makers, influencers and other stakeholders
  • Creating a policy influence plan
  • Exploring your position as a ‘knowledge broker’/advocate
  • Identify and access champions

Hugh Stultz, Health and Wellbeing Transformation Project Co-ordinator


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