VCSEP logoCommunity Links Bromley is pleased to be part of the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP).

The VCSEP was formed based on learnings from the domestic crises of 2017, including Grenfell, and a sector-wide ambition to deliver a more coordinated response during emergencies. Right now the focus is on responding to the Covid-19 crisis, but the long-term ambition is to establish a legacy which enables the voluntary and community sector, government and statutory agencies to work better together to ensure the country’s most vulnerable communities get the right support at the right time in an emergency.

The VCSEP has recognised the increasing demands made on the sector and is here as a safety net:

  • to boost and enhance support from national to VCS organisations, and to help raise the profile of grassroots organisations
  • to further strengthen coordination of national and local response efforts during emergencies
  • to provide a single access point between government and the voluntary and community sector.

The VCSEP has four strands of work:

1. A national platform to gather intelligence on unmet need at national, regional and local levels

2. A request for support service for when the demand for support outstrips the supply available to meet it

3. Five regional multi-agency cells, with representatives from national and local voluntary organisations across England, to facilitate a more collaborative and coordinated response across the voluntary and community sector

4. One national volunteering cell which has national overview and provides a single point of contact for requests for large-scale volunteer support.

Community Links Bromley can connect to the Liaison Leads, who can then draw on the VCSEP network and resources to support need in the local area.

One way in which you can help identify changing need is by signing up to take part in a short weekly “Pulse Check Survey”. Contact for more details.

Visit the VCSEP website here

VCSEP pulse check survey

Over recent months, we have been taking part in the VCSEP weekly pulse check survey. The findings are now being made available (see attached).   The main headlines for last week are 

  • 16% of respondents in the North, and 23% in Midlands & East, 19% in the South East and 28% in the South West reported significant or major concerns about unmet needs in their area in the 7 days prior to data collection

  • Mental health, hardship and food were the most frequently mentioned unmet need in the 7 days prior to data collection

  • 24% of respondents reported significant or major concerns about the capacity of the voluntary sector to respond to local needs in the 7 days prior to data collection

  • Funding / sustainability, demand and volunteers were the most frequently mentioned issues affecting voluntary sector capacity in the 7 days prior to data collection  

Click here to view the full results.