Bethlem Gallery - An Ecology of the Mind

Wednesday 18 May 2022
10:00 to 17:00

An Ecology of Mind

Various Artists

18 May-27 August 2022, Bethlem Gallery

Open 10am-5pm, Wednesday-Saturday

An Ecology of Mind brings together five artists with an interest in the complex relationships that connect art, ecology and health. Recent research has demonstrated how our mental health is positively influenced by access to green spaces, but there has been a centuries-old association between our inner and outer ‘natures’.

The artists selected for the exhibition, Lateisha Davine, Philip Deed, Karta Kaur, Aidan Moesby and Ronnie, respond to these themes from singular perspectives. Some deliberately seek solace in the outside world and non-human modes of being. Others, compelled by the pandemic to turn inwards, find worlds within themselves. All of the artists see nature as a resource – for images and metaphors, but also more directly as a source of material for forming objects and relationships.

During the exhibition, there will be a series of public workshops re-imagining the Bethlem hospital grounds as a cultural & natural ‘commons’. Artists will build on the local knowledge of hospital staff, residents and visitors to produce guides and toolkits to help us revisit our relationship to the world, ourselves and each other.

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