G&C Kids Knitting Workshop

Greener and Cleaner - Kids Knitting Workshop

Thursday 22 June 2023
16:00 to 17:30

There are many advantages of teaching your child to knit.

It improves fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. It helps with development of basic maths skills when counting stiches and working in pattern.

It develops resilience in overcoming problems and errors, it generates a great sense of achievement when new techniques have been learned and projects completed.

Knitting is a great way of expressing creativity, working with colour and texture and producing unique items that no one else has.

As the child is proud of what they have created, knitting fosters an understanding of the time and efforts involved in creating an item and in the longer term possibly a scarf or garment . That child may then consider some of the issues associated with fast fashion and reduce their consumption.

We appreciate that not everyone can get from school to the Hub by 4pm so admission to the workshop is up to 4:30pm

This Workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 children so that everyone gets a good level of attention. If you book a space and do not attend, this may affect your access to future workshops.

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The Glades Bromley
Upper mall
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Cost Free