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ParkBathe stroll in Queens Gardens for Vernal Equinox

Saturday 23 March 2024
13:15 to 14:30

ParkBathe is a citizen-science project providing mindful walks and nature connection as a means to improve the health and wellbeing of people who might not normally engage in wellness activities. ParkBathe uses aspects of 'forest bathing', forest school and mindfulness and involves walking slowly in a local green space whilst noticing our surroundings (no water is involved!)

The 1 hr guided sessions consist of small groups (max 12 people) and cover only a short distance (max 1500m) If you have mobility requirements or questions please email on or call 077383 47281.

These sessions are offered free with the option to DONATE. They ask you to pause a moment before you book and consider if you can afford a donation ticket today. Donating allows them to continue providing these walks to those who cannot afford to pay.

For guidance on what to donate and their policy head HERE.

*ParkBathe suggest you book up to 3 sessions so you gain the accumulative benefits and learn the techniques for yourself. Wear warm layers, sturdy shoes and wet weather gear as required (we go out in the rain!). Pls bring water/snacks/suncream according to season.

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Queens Gardens
Park Lane
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Cost Free