Book Club G&C

Book Club - The Hub From Greener and Cleaner

Friday 18 October 2024
19:00 to 20:30

An inclusive space to educate and empower people to make small changes

Join Greener & Cleaner at The Hub for an inspiring evening that aims to create a welcoming and empowering space for everyone.

At this event, they believe in the power of small changes. G&C understand that making a difference in the world can seem overwhelming, but they firmly believe that every small action counts. Their goal is to educate and empower individuals, providing them with the tools and knowledge to make meaningful changes in their own lives and communities.

Through a series of interactive book club nights and engaging discussions, they will explore various topics such as sustainability, personal growth, and community involvement. Their volunteers will share their experiences, offering practical tips and strategies for making positive changes.

This event is free of charge and open to everyone, regardless of age, background, or experience. G&C value inclusivity and encourage a safe space for open dialogue and learning. Whether you're looking to kick-start your sustainability journey, enhance your personal well-being, or connect with like-minded individuals, this event is for you.

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The Hub (Upper Mall Next to Waterstones)
The Glades
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Cost Free