Lor Arthur Saville's Crime

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - West Wickham Theatre

Tuesday 30 April 2024
20:00 to 22:00

Based on a short story by Oscar Wilde, adapted by Constance Cox. Directed by David Page.

Monday 29th April Friday 3rd May at 8 p.m. and Saturday 4th May at 3 p.m.

Step into a world of wit and whimsy with our latest play, a comedic gem based on Oscar Wilde’s 1890’s tale. Lord Arthur Savile, engaged to the charming Sybil Merton, faces a bizarre prophecy from her palm-reading pet ‘chiromantist,’ Podgers. His destiny? Committing a murder!
In a quest for a blissful married life, Lord Arthur takes on the bizarre duty of committing the murder before the wedding bells ring.
This classic, side-splitting play follows Arthur on an uproarious journey to find the perfect victim and execution method (with varying levels of success, of course). All while striving to keep his fiancée and her mother delighted. Join us for a night of laughter, love, and lunacy.

Box Office opens 29th March 2024

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Wickham Theatre
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West Wickham
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