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Greener & Cleaner: Community Hub Pilot – Using Shopping Centre Units – What and Why

Wednesday 05 June 2024
16:00 to 17:30

The Greener & Cleaner Hub: A Shopping Centre based Model for Empowering Communities:

Have you ever wondered how each of us can make a real difference for the wellbeing and future of our communities? Come learn about how this question triggered the volunteers at Greener & Cleaner to set up their popular Community Hub in The Glades over 2 years ago, open 5 days a week, serving 1000+ a month.

Join them for a captivating panel discussion about this model for facilitating and normalising wider and more active engagement with sustainability at a local level, based at the pilot community Hub itself.

More info and tickets are available here

The Hub from Greener and Cleaner, the Glades, 64 High St
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