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Curtain Call Cabaret - Bromley Little Theatre

Sunday 15 September 2024
19:45 to 21:45

The Curtain Call Cabaret is an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate what the Bromley Little Theatre has been doing so well for the past 85 years: live entertainment! As part of our season of fundraising activities, to mark this milestone and to prepare the groundwork for the theatre’s glittering future, we invite you to take a seat and indulge in an evening of music, drama, fun and frivolity, showcasing the talents of BLT’s acting membership and invitees from Bromley’s creative community. If variety be the food of theatre… let’s eat! Feast your eyes and ears on a succession of ‘light bites’, featuring actors in short plays and sketches, singers, comedians, poets and storytellers. Think Muppets… but with a little less furry fabric and a little more sparkle. Come one, come all… take your place at the Curtain Call.
Hosted by Si Holland

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