If you are already involved in delivering health and social care services, why not join BTSE’s network of members and be a part of the Bromley Well community of providers. You will also have the opportunity to apply for funding reserved exclusively for associate members. It’s completely free and you won’t be expected to do anything over and above your existing provision – unless of course you decide to!


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What is BTSE?

Bromley Third Sector Enterprise (BTSE) is one of the partners in One Bromley, a partnership of health and social care services working together to provide more joined up and improved care for people who live in Bromley.

Bromley Third Sector Enterprise (BTSE) is a highly respected, award winning consortium of local charities:

BTSE is responsible for delivering the Bromley Well Service, a contract worth £2.3m per year, together with overseeing the delivery of a range of smaller projects.