We received a very successful round of new project bids in June 2023 for funding via the London Borough of Bromley & NHS South East London, Integrated Commissioning Board Innovation Fund!

14 interesting projects bids were submitted and evaluated by the panel and a few of the successful projects are detailed below:


Project 1: Community Links Bromley

CLB logoCommunity Links Bromley, supporting the One Bromley Health Champions Development Programme. £18,400.00 was awarded to One Bromley to work closely with local Primary Care networks and partners in the health and voluntary sector to deliver a programme of events to recruit local people to volunteer and be trained to become health champions to engage with and disseminate health and wellbeing information and guidance in their locality.



Project 2: ClearCommunityWeb

ClearCommunityWeb logoNavigating the Internet Safely and Managing Health on Line. £18,626.00 was awarded to CCW to deliver face to face training to help reduce digital exclusion and support residents to become access the internet and phone apps safely and confidently. The project leads will work closely with the Health Champions project to deliver training to enable access health and support services on line. Find out more about ClearCommunityWeb here


Project 3: Crystal Palace Community Trust (CPCT)

Crystal Palace Community Trust logo£20,387.50 was awarded to CPCT to deliver an intergenerational project to bring the elderly and young people together, engage with one another, participate in shared activities and learn from each other’s experiences. Find out more about Crystal Palace Community Trust here


Project 4: Creative & Neuro-Diverse Innovations (CANDI) CIC

£19,105.60 was awarded to CANDI CIC to support the development of the Café at The United Reformed Church into a community activity and employment hub for young adults with additional needs.


Project 5: Unity Church Orpington

Unity Church Orpington£1,000.00 was awarded to Unity Church Orpington to match fund their contribution and support the local community to engage in physical activity. It is expected the project leads will work closely with the Heath Champions project above. Find out more about Unity Church Orpington here