Volunteers Week imageSay ‘Thank You’ to your volunteers this ‘Volunteers’ Week (Volunteers’ Week takes place every year from 1-7th June and is a nation-wide campaign to thank volunteers and celebrate the huge contributions they make).

As volunteer coordinators/managers we are always looking for the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to our volunteers.  Volunteers Week is an ideal time, (but of course, need not be the only time to show how grateful we are). There is a quick and easy way that you can say ‘thank you’ to your volunteers.


Leave a message of appreciation for your volunteers at our ‘Volunteer Appreciation Online Celebration Station’

We will make sure your message is posted on our social media platforms during Volunteers’ Week. Please complete the Volunteer Appreciation Station form by Monday 22nd May 2023.

Thank You Video

Why not express your gratitude with a ‘thank you’ video?  You don’t need fancy equipment – just a smart phone and your creativity 😊

A few tips to get you started:

  • Keep it short – make sure the video is focused.  It can be entertaining but ensure that the core message is one of thanks.
  • Don’t be afraid to go off script – having a clear plan of what you want to say is important, but being a little creative at certain points makes the video come across as genuine and heartfelt.
  • You don’t need an all-singing, all dancing production (unless you want to) sometimes, less is more. 

You can send us your video via ‘WeTransfer’ - click here for guidance on how to send your video