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The South East London Integrated Care System’s second public Integrated Care Partnership meeting took place on 26th January 2023. Click here for resources from the meeting.

Authors: Tal Rosenzweig (Director of VCSE Collaboration and Partnership and ICP member); Ben Collins (Director of System Development)

Following discussions at the last Partnership meeting in April, work began on the development of a VCSE charter for SEL. The charter sets out commitments our system will sign up to in order to enable and support the VCSE sector to collaborate with us fully, as key system partners, in the delivery of our priorities and objectives for local people in South East London.

This draft charter sets out four, high level commitments (summarised below), as well as the rationale for each and some specific actions the members of the ICP and ICB are invited to take:

1) We will treat the VCSE sector as a full strategic partner in setting strategic direction and in system planning, in addition to its role in delivery services;

2) We will increase funding provided for the VCSE sector and secure services in ways that deliver greater social value;

3) We will ensure proportionate procurement and contract monitoring processes that will reduce the transactional burden for commissioners and providers and ensure a level playing field for VCSE organisations;

4) We will invest in strengthening the VCSE sector’s infrastructure so that it can play an effective role in the strategic leadership of our system and service delivery.

The charter also proposes continued join working between the ICB, the ICP and the organisations in our ICS to implement these commitments.

ICP members are asked to provide their views on the initial draft, developed following engagement with partners, to inform a version that will be further engaged on over the coming months. The final version of the charter will be brought to the ICP in October for decision and ratification.

News & Events


SEL ICS Community Engagement Expression of Interest [EXPIRED]

The SEL ICS Long Term Conditions Team (LTC) supports and commissions services for people living with diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease. The team is committed to engaging with local people to improve and shape services to meet the cultural and social needs of the community.  As part of this commitment SEL ICB intends to coordinate a south east London (SEL) wide approach to diabetes community engagement - working with people and communities to ensure community-led diabetes services improvement.  

To achieve this, the NHS South East London Integrated System would like to commission a community organisation (or a consortium bid) to support the SEL ICB Long Term Conditions team.

If you are interest in bidding for the project or have further questions, please complete the high level attached application and return to gary.wyles@selondonics.nhs.uk by close of play 27th February 2024.


Invitation to Tender: For a South-East London Voluntary & Community Sector Mapping and Opportunities Analysis [EXPIRED]

South-East London (SEL) Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Strategic Alliance and SEL Integrated Care System (SEL ICS) are looking to gain deeper insight into the current breadth of provision within our amazingly diverse VCSE sector in SEL, with particular focus on provision and opportunities which relates to the SEL ICS 5 strategic priorities (SEL ICS Strategic Priorities).

We are looking to undertake a mapping analysis of VCSE provision across SEL, to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth, development and collaboration, with particular focus on provision of smaller, grassroots organisation, specialist ‘By and For’ organisations, and provision which is not already linked into local statutory health & care systems. We are looking for a partner/company, ideally from within the voluntary and community sector and with strong links to SEL, to carry out this work for us. 

For further information see the tender pack here.

The closing date for application submission is EOP 4th September 2023.

For any further questions please email Tal Rosenzweig talr@communitylinksbromley.org.uk.


SEL 20:20 Innovation Series

There is a lot of great innovation happening in health and care in South East London. But we know that for innovation to succeed, to take root, grow and flourish, people need to hear about it. Otherwise, it will wither and fade away in isolation.

The aim of this new series of webinars is to share examples of the innovation happening across our integrated care system. To hear about innovations that you can take practical inspiration from, and share with others.

Register now for our first webinar


Ronny Cheung and Laura Gudefin from GSTT, along with colleagues from DK&A and the Design Thinking Academy, will be presenting on their experience of user-centred service design in healthcare. Exemplified by the ‘My Age, My Health’ project - in which design thinking techniques are being used to design an accessible, age appropriate, equitable and sustainable service for young adults in two clinical specialty areas – this presentation will explore a novel approach to supporting clinical services to use in-depth patient and staff insights to generate, prototype and test innovative solutions and design new care pathways that focus on user needs, and how that approach might be applied across the system.

The 20:20 format, with a presentation of no more than 20 minutes, and then 20 minutes for Q&A, is designed for energy and focus, and to fit into our busy days. There is, of course, no charge to attend.

The webinar is hosted by the South East London Integrated Care Board – and anyone with an interest in innovation is welcome.