Scam awareness imageThis page was last updated in February 2021

This year protecting people against scams is more important than ever. The coronavirus crisis means more people are facing issues - from employment and debt, to housing and health - resulting in more people being in vulnerable situations. Added to this, the overall heightened uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic is making everyone more vulnerable and more likely to fall victim to a scam.


If you suspect you're the target of a scam:

  1. Contact your bank or credit card company if payment or banking details are involved in the scam. If the scam is a pension transfer, contact your provider immediately, along with the Pensions Advisory Service.
  2. Get advice from the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 223 1133. Or online at The Citizens Advice consumer service can also report problems to Trading Standards for you. Trading Standards are responsible for protecting consumers and the community against rogue and unfair traders.
  3. Report scams and suspected scams to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or at Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime.


Bromley’s Rapid Response

If you or someone you know has been, or is likely to be tricked into handing over money for unnecessary property repairs or garden work or is involved in an urgent scam e.g. someone is about to send money or is awaiting a courier, then call the Rapid Response team on 07903 852090. In appropriate cases, officers from the team will attend and investigate.  

(This Rapid Response Service is for Bromley residents only; if you live outside the borough, please contact your local Trading Standards Department through your local council)



Trading Standards alert 1 - Keeping up to date with Scams


Helpful information sources:

  • Citizens Advice:
  • Citizens Advice consumer helpline:  0808 223 1133
  • Citizens Advice Scams Action Line (online scams):  0808 250 5050
  • Citizens Advice Bromley via Bromley Well 0300 3309 039


Keep up to date with the latest scams: