Bromley Council logoScammers are operating in Bromley and targeting members of our community. Unscrupulous criminals are exploiting fears about COVID-19 to prey on members of the public, particularly older and vulnerable people who are isolated from family and friends.

Trading Standards are warning people to remain vigilant following a rise in coronavirus-related scams that seek to benefit from the public’s concern and uncertainty over COVID-19. Identified COVID-19 scams include:

  • Doorstep crime
  • Online scams
  • Refund scams
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Telephone scams
  • Donations scams
  • Loan sharks

Trading Standards encourage all staff to get in touch with the team if you come across someone you think needs assistance with regard to scams. Or if you would just like to tell the team about a scam that someone you know has received.

Contact the team by email on or call 0208 461 7832. If you need help urgently for example, to report someone going door to door, contact the Rapid Response on 07903 852090.


  • Trading standards letter - gives a guide to some of the scams we know about and how we can protect ourselves and those around us from becoming a victim of scams along with contact details for organisations providing help and advice. There are also details of how help can be requested by those who may need it during this difficult time, e.g. with shopping or collecting medication.  
  • Short version of letter (Dementia Friendly)

Helpful information sources:

  • Citizens Advice:
  • Citizens Advice consumer helpline:  0808 223 1133
  • Citizens Advice Scams Action Line (online scams):  0808 250 5050
  • Citizens Advice Bromley via Bromley Well 0300 3309 039

Keep up to date with the latest scams: