TDS Charitable Foundation Funded Project logoThe Tenant Toolkit, developed in 2018, was designed to support both Bromley residents entering the Private Rented Sector and the private landlords who rent out property in the Borough.

The toolkit was developed in consultation with key voluntary support agencies and individual tenants in the Borough, who acknowledged that both tenants and landlords need local support to develop sustainable and long term tenancies.

We gathered information on local and national support organisations on a range of subjects, so individuals and families can have secure homes in the Borough.

The aim of the toolkit is to support both tenants and landlords in the private rental sector, to help sustain long term tenancies – using the online resource to access local help and support.

We would like to thank our steering group members for the time and resources they have contributed:

Steering Group (contacts as at 12.10.2017)

  • Dan Prentice/Housing Manager, Radcliffe Housing Society
  • Jonathan Williams/Service Manager, Bromley Drug and Alcohol Service
  • Andrew Raby/Senior Partner from Thackray Williams
  • Alice Atabong/Group Manager – Housing Support Services, London Borough Bromley
  • Gloria Noel & Sarah Rose, Neighbourhood housing managers/Live Smart, Affinity Sutton
  • Liz Broughton, Information & Advice Service, AgeUk Bromley & Greenwich
  • Nathan Rendell, Community Mental Health Services Manager, Bromley & Lewisham Mind
  • Davina Myers, DePaul Charity

The Toolkit was funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation, which was set up by TDS, the UK’s leading tenancy deposit protection scheme to improve standards in the private rented sector.


Please note the following:

The Bromley Tenant’s Toolkit contains historical resources produced in 2017/2018. Links and information included in the resources have been updated as far as possible, however some information and contacts may no longer be applicable or in operation.

The Bromley Tenant’s Toolkit is an information guide and we advise tenants to act courteously and reasonably in all communications and dealings with regard to their tenancy.

We are not a legal advice specialist site and if you are in need of specialist advice and support, you must seek this from a regulated professional organisation, for example: Shelter – 0808 800 4444