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What is Simply Connect Bromley?

Simply Connect Bromley is the voluntary and community sector database for the London Borough of Bromley. 

The service is funded by Bromley Council, and managed and delivered by  Community Links Bromley. It forms part of a wider NHS programme of integrated care provision in the Bromley borough. 

In essence, it’s a listing of voluntary and community organisations which can be conveniently searched through name, type of service or geographical area. 

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 Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to use the platform.


Who is Simply Connect Bromley for? 

It’s a tool for everyone is the simple answer. It sits at the crossroads of several stakeholders. 

Social Prescribing Link Workers, for one, will find it useful to have all the services they may want to refer or signpost their clients to. They can find local community services, activities and support that can really help their clients with whatever issue they are struggling with. Similarly, health and social care workers - GPs, nurses, social workers, Council staff, policemen and fire-fighters - can all signpost and make referrals using the Directory.  

Members of the public too can access it directly for a host of reasons – they may be looking to meet new people or get some advice or support for a friend or family member. Or they may want to find out about exercise and social clubs, or how to get involved in a local charity. Let’s not forget that community services can also provide specialist support on a range of topics, such as domestic abuse, managing personal finances, housing issues or bereavement support. 

Finally, voluntary and community organisations themselves are able to signpost or refer to other organisations for services they do not provide.  


What are the benefits of using Simply Connect Bromley?

  • Health and social care professional are able to fulfil their patients’ unmet social needs. 
  • Statutory services are being relieved of some of the pressure they experience, making the system more sustainable. 
  • Professionals and the public alike are able to source, in one place, services which are constantly vetted and updated by Community Links Bromley. 
  • Members of the public are empowered to self-refer and look directly for the services that best meet their needs. 

Future developments: 

  • Organisations will be able to add, update and maintain their own directory listings. 
  • Organisations will be able to use the Directory to make referrals, update the status of their referrals and finally check the impact of the service.  


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